So the time has come for you to give your much loved truck the attention it deserves by addressing the truck panel and paint. Logically you need to find a truck panel and paint shop you can trust to restore your vehicle back to its once former glory. At Northern Star Truck & Trailer Repairs we’re committed to helping you get your truck panel and paint the attention it deserves from a worthy Brisbane panel and paint repair shop. When choosing a repair company you should consider some of the following. Sometimes the best way to help you choose the repair company is asking for recommendations from family, friends and colleagues. If they can give a glowing review on their experience with a repair company, it is worth your while to consider their recommendation as a company to start with. We recommend to always shop around, try getting at least three separate quotes. If one comes back abnormally high, there’s a few consideration to make. Perhaps this company uses high quality products and remunerates their repairmen well for their skills. Conversely there is also the risk they might be trying to take you for a ride. There is also concern if the quote is too cheap. If it’s too good to be true, it normally is. Use your judgement when assessing the quotes. Despite getting reviews from your friends, family and colleagues, this is only a small sample. By having a look through online review of the repair business can help you firm if the repair shop is legitimate and carries out quality panel and paint repair work.

Choosing Your Car Paint

Car paint and choice of paint is a bigger decision than you may have first anticipated. It is said that one third of all car owners take the colour of their car very seriously. While you’re in the space of panel and paint repair or perhaps a complete respray, you now possibly have the option of choosing a whole new colour for your vehicle if you weren’t satisfied with the colour you previously had. Here we will help you with some consideration around your paint choice. As a starting point, safety first. Few studies have been conducted to determine how car colour may impact motor vehicle accidents. While there is some evidence suggesting colour can play a role in accidents, it is usually a very small role, however still a consideration. You can ask our panel and paint repair team on colours that may aid in avoiding accidents. White, yellow, and orange are the most visible cars in a variety of driving conditions and are the colours used for most safety gear, so it’s no surprise they’re considered among the safest. Red, black, and grey are the least visible, especially at night, which makes them more likely to be involved in passive car accidents. The colour of the paint you choose to apply on your vehicle can determine some of the likelihood behind you’re vehicle being stolen. The rationale behind this is vehicles with unique colour choices can be harder to hide and resell.

Professional Panel and Paint

If you’re in the space for panel and paint repair services you should seriously consider consulting a professional in the space of panel and paint repairs. By choosing to work with a professional panel and paint repairer you get to enjoy the benefits of a professional who is equipped with the best tools and methods to carry out the panel and paint repair. Professional panel and paint repairers understand how all the tools of trade work and can ensure they’re applied to the job in the correct manner. Some of the equipment used in carrying out a successful panel and paint repair can require specialist knowledge that can only be learned through on the job experience. Hiring a professional can allow you to benefit from seeing a damaged panel be fully restored back to its show room condition. A premium result is highly unlikely able to be achieved through carrying out the work yourself. Quite often, regardless of the extent of damage that your vehicle has dealt with, a professional panel and paint repairer has the skills and expertise to mend the damage.